V. O. A. Institute of Technology was established in 2005. It was first known as the Cool Run Computer Training Center. It started with five 5 students, and it used to run the following programs: Microsoft Office Applications, Graphic Design, Hardware Engineering(A+), Networking
Engineering(N+), Computer Servicing, Sale of computer accessories, Internet Café and Secretarial Services.

Currently, the institution has trained about 1500 students in various professions and it has now introduced additional programs and other services such as Accredited Examination Centre for most of the Microsoft Certifications, Advanced Business Certificate Examination (ABCE- WAEC),
General Business Certificate Examination (GBCE- WAEC), Adult education, WAEC Remedial, CISCO Certifications, Programming and Web Development, Linux, Security System Training, Auto CAD and other LEGEND ICT Certifications in the world.


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